Which Barry Characters Will Die in Its Final Violent Season

Bill Hader starring as the titular character of HBO's Barry.

If you’ve watched the first three seasons of the critically adored HBO’s series, Barry, you already know that sudden, violent murder is an ever-present potentiality for every character in the show. Now, in its final season, only the core cast remains and they are more vulnerable then ever to be snuffed out before the credits roll.

Better Call Saul, another violent dark comedy, recently ended with its lead character in prison. Barry‘s final season starts there, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds with our protagonist who’s far less likely to accept his circumstances. With revenge on the table from several different angles, let’s explore some predications on which characters will survive this show.

NoHo Hank

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Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

In Season 3, breakout fan-favorite, NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), got firsthand experience of the gruesomeness of his business. The dirty deeds that take place in his world of crime usually happen off-camera while his takes on a more comedic tone. As a viewer, these harrowing moments of emotional torture were difficult to watch. Among other things, Hank was forced to listen to one of his compatriots be eaten alive by a tiger. Disturbing, and not something we’re used to the lovable NoHo Hank experiencing.

Like Barry Berkman, we are aware that Hank’s choices result in the death and destruction of people around him, but our ability to compartmentalize his lovable demeanor from the vileness of his profession has now been tested.

Hank and Barry aren’t on the worst terms going into Season 4, so I don’t anticipate any danger of him being a target of our protagonist. If anything, NoHo Hank will be the one doing the killing. Revenge for the torture of Cristobal, the love of his life, will be his focus this season. In last season’s finale, Cristobal is left either vegetative or dead. Hank will most likely be a changed man after this traumatic event. Less silly and more an actual threat to his enemies.

Gene Cousineau

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Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

The relationship between Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) and Barry is the backbone of this series. The ups and downs of their one-sided paternal dynamic drives Barry’s psyche throughout the show. There are too many story beats to sum up quickly here, but the way that these two characters resolve their differences will determine the tone of the show’s conclusion.

Barry murdered Detective Janice Moss, Gene’s girlfriend, and Gene entrapped Barry at the end of Season 3, helping put him in prison. From the trailers for this final season, Barry still seems interested in keeping the façade of the relationship going; believing that he and Gene can still patch up their differences. This will no doubt change quickly as the narrative comes to an end.

Barry will most likely want to take revenge against Gene, and with his beloved father-figure existing as the rock that binds him to humanity, we can expect a dark ending for both of these characters.

Jim Moss

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Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom) is a badass. He, and his daughter, Janice, are some of the only incorruptible and realistic characters on the show. He meticulously crafted Barry’s downfall with the help of Gene and will no doubt be a target for Barry before the show wraps.

Despite Barry being the show’s main protagonist and someone we’ve been encouraged to cheer on throughout the show (with diminishing returns as his humanity is gradually shed throughout the series) it’s hard to believe we’re supposed to route for Jim’s demise. Still, this show has not shied away from darkness or the manipulation of the audience’s feelings surrounding these characters. A very dark ending is a real possibility.

Monroe Fuches

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Photograph by Aaron Epstein/HBO

Fuches is gonna die.

The great Stephen Root’s performance as Barry’s despicable puppet master has been a joy to watch, but he’s the show’s most irredeemable villain. Fuches will not survive whether Barry has a redemptive ending or not.

Sally Reed

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As dark as this show is, I don’t think Sally (Sarah Goldberg) is in danger of being intentionally killed by Barry. This doesn’t mean she’ll have a happy ending however. Sally has already been involuntarily folded into Barry’s dark world after performing a brutal act of violence last season herself. If she doesn’t survive, it will most likely be as an innocent victim caught in the crossfire.

Barry Berkman

Barry tells Gene to be quiet in the trunk as he approaches the gate. (Warrick Page/HBO)
Photograph by Warrick Page/HBO

One of the most exciting aspects of this being the final season is finally witnessing the end of Barry Berkman’s (Bill Hader) character arc. He’s progressively transitioned from a likable guy doing bad things (similar to John Cusack’s character in Grosse Pointe Blank) to just a downright terrible person altogether.

With the way this show jerks around the audiences’ perceptions of its characters, an ending for Barry will reveal a wider perspective on how the show is to be viewed as a whole. I can’t wait.

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